Keith's 2003 Raptor 660

Keith's 660 right after we bought it.

Sold the bead lock wheels to fund +3 arms and put stock wheels on.

Ride before the arms were installed.

Front view of the +3 ASR a-arms installed.

Side view of the arms and the brake line clamp.

Custom powder coated and engraved hood emblem.

Keith's first ride at School Creek right after installing the +3 arms.

My 02 660 and Keith's 03 660 at School Creek, Milford Lake.


First dune trip of 2014. Little Sahara, OK.

Just outside the North gate at Little Sahara, OK.



 2014 ride at Tuttle Creek ORV Park near Randolph, KS.

 Water crossing getting ready to climb a big hill.


 Helmet cam shots of his quad back in the trails at Tuttle Creek ORV Park

 Front view. Kid has a pretty nice quad.



 Swapped out the bumper and put a Bill Ballance YFZ on there.



Front view of both our quads with the YFZ bumpers.

Added a PEP steering stabilizer to keep Keith safe.



 Then added some MR-16 light housings on the bars.

 Should be nice and bright for some night riding at the dunes.







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