Boat trailer to utility conversion.


Obviously was an old boat trailer to start with. Cut the pads and perches off and ground them smooth. Added 1 1/2" angle iron across the front and rear for the lumber to sit in. Flipped some angle iron over and welded equally spaced to support the lumber.

Once in place I bolted the lumber down with stove bolts and nyloc nuts. Hard to see but had to notch the lumber to clear the curved cross beams on the outside edges.

Got some pivot tie down loops at Tractor Supply and welded 4 sets per side evenly spaced.

It became clear very quickly that the floor was not long enough so I added more angle iron and two more boards crossways. The side parts of the trailer curved forward where I added them so had to trim the ends of the boards to fit but was no big deal. I then added the rock guard panel in front of that. I don't have the ramps shown but I just made them from 2 x 12's using a ramp kit. I eventually want to make a spot to store them underneath but for now just slide them in between the ATV tires and strap across the top.

I made a mount toward the front to put my packer box on and we carry the helmets, tools, straps, etc. in it. Also added a mount for the spare tire as seen here. Hope this helps anyone wanting to convert a boat trailer into a utility trailer. Remember that it is tongue heavy so keep the weight evenly distributed. When I haul one ATV I strap it to the back. 

Here you can see the ramps. I think they are 10' long. Bought the bolt on aluminum ramp kit to put on the ends of the lumber. Not the fanciest but you do what you have to on a budget.

Full load headed for Randolph for some riding. Raptor 80 front, Blaster middle and Banshee rear.

View from the other side then a view of the same trailer and ATV's at the motel in Waynoka last spring.