Jerry's Warrior Project Page

Pics of the Warrior when I first bought it.

It was in pretty decent shape and needed a good cleaning and some misc. parts.

Torn down to the roller to clean and inspect. Lots of little stuff wrong. Exhaust melted the air box, rh nerf bar was broken, carb leaked, tail light mounts bent, etc.

Also found that the upper a-arm bushings were worn very badly. RH photo shows new air box in place to fit exhaust and gain some clearance.

Slotted the bolts in the air box and moved it left as far as possible. RH photo shows rebuilt carb ready to bolt on.

Made a solid connector piece to go inside the broken nerf then had it welded. Cleaned them up then blasted them and painted them with Dupli-Color spray bed liner coating.

Carb installed and ready for a test fire.

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