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1996 GMC Jimmy before (L) and after (R). Nothing changed much as far as exterior. It had sat for 2 years after water got in the oil and took out a bearing.

Engine compartment before and after pictures. Lots of parts were replaced to complete this project.

Engine and engine compartment after stripping to bare engine then removing from the vehicle.

After stripping the engine for overhaul it was determined that the crankshaft and one rod were ruined. A used crank and rod were rounded up and the entire engine was overhauled with new parts. It is now .020 over-bored, .010/.010 crankshaft, balanced, rods reconditioned, valve job, heads and block decked, new oil pump, bearings, pistons, and much more. After the engine was installed, a new water pump, alternator, fluids, filters, cap, rotor, wires, and much more were installed. A new fuel filter was installed along with shocks and all fluids underneath were drained and replaced. As of 11/11/07 it has 1100 miles on the overhaul with no problems. Mileage is at 17 MPG so far and hoping for improvement.

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