Jerry's Off-road Go-Kart Project

Beginning: Wheel hubs for golf cart wheels. The hubs were made from a hub obtained at Orscheln's Farm Supply.

A 3/16" plate was welded on then a ring to center the wheel. The assembly was then put on the axle and trued up in the lathe.

The lug holes were drilled and 7/16" fine thread bolts were tacked in place.

Here is the finished assembly ready to install.

The assembled axle was dummied in place to decide where to cut and install the bearing plates.

The yellow frame to the left was the donor frame for the bearing plates. They were torched out and cleaned up with a body grinder.

Here the bearing plates are installed and the axle in place.

Another view of the bearing plates.

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Check back later as pictures will be added as I progress.

This page created February 23, 2006.